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How to Respond to Wedding Invitations

wedding dance

If wedding invitations are not flowing through your letter box on a regular basis, you may be wondering how to respond to them when one does land on your door mat (p.s. don’t worry if you haven’t received any yet, they tend to come in large doses all at once somehow).

Here is a list of tips on how to respond to wedding invitations in a correct and polite manner that’ll leave you feeling like you have a degree in the matter.

Save the date

Mark the event in your diary and decide if anything needs to be rearranged well in advance of the date. Depending on your relationship with the husband- and wife-to-be, you may decide that a clashing event is more important and you can’t make their special day. Though what could be more appealing that free alcohol and food.


RSVP by date given

Responding by the date given on wedding invitations is extremely important, for the bride and groom as much as for you.

Giving notice in good time is polite and will allow the headline couple to finalize plans and ensure all guests get the full hospitality on the day.

Your RSVP response could take many forms but even in today’s digital age, a text or email would be frowned upon. The more ancient method of paper and pen is more appropriate. There will either be space on the request to RSVP or you could reply via a separate card. Either way, make sure to say thank you and congratulate the couple on their engagement at the same time as detailing your availability, menu preference, and any other requested details.


Display wedding invitations

Put up any wedding invitations you receive. Chances are, the authors have put a great deal of thought into their design and you want to avoid the awkwardness of them coming round to your house and not seeing their piece of art in all its glory on the windowsill or notice board.




Sort out your outfit

The invitation, if designed well, should radiate the atmosphere the soon-to-be husband and wife want to create on their big day.

The design will either be loud and busy, subtle and minimal, or clean and simple. Whichever it is, it should give you an idea of the theme of the ceremony which you can treat as a guiding template when shopping for your outfit.

Don’t try on too many outfits, though, because this will harbor indeciveness and, quite frankly, you’re not the main attraction on the day so seek to avoid upstaging the bride and groom. This is a big no, no.


Prepare a speech

Along with your wedding invitations, perhaps you have been asked to be best man or a bride’s maid. If so, these important roles obviously require extra preparation, not to mention several re-writes of the keynote best man’s speech.

Otherwise, if you’re not being trusted with any of these responsibilities, you could still prepare a short speech to deliver on the day – I’m sure your wit and charm would be a welcomed presence amongst empty bottles of wine, joyous guests, and other cringe-worthy speeches.


Invite them to yours

I’m a long way from fooling someone to marry me; gosh, don’t make me think about married life; I have a few more years of freedom left yet I hope, you may be thinking.

It would be worthwhile, however, to make a mental note of all the weddings you’ve been invited to so that when it comes round to yours (do not give up hope yet, it could be right around the next corner) you can invite them back and avoid the awkwardness of forgetting to return the favor.



On the big day

You’re at the ceremony, so you’ve probably done all of the foregoing in the correct manner. Now, exploit the free hospitality, enjoy the euphoric atmosphere, and be sure to support every joke the bride and groom attempt – even if it really is the sort of joke you’d find down the back of a sofa.


Birthday Balloon Delivery Will Cater Your Every Inflatable Need


Have you got a child about to turn a year old? Or maybe you’re celebrating a 30th. Nothing says party like some colourful décor. Streamers and banners, tablecloths and centrepieces, lots of food and drink, and inviting all your friends and family. Everyone loves a party, and nothing completes a party like a birthday balloon delivery.

Cut out all the troubles of blowing them up and trying to make it look good. A sloppy design can make your décor fail. Alternatively, employ an expert balloon decoration service who has dedicated themselves to styling their designs with precision and beauty.

Whether you want big ones or small ones, and arch or a net full to release them like rain. You can receive it all with birthday balloon delivery. They have round ones and oval ones, heart-shaped and stars, you can get letters and numbers, even an exclamation mark. Whatever suits your décor you can receive.



The table is set with the presents and cake but you just can’t find the right centrepiece to use. Have you ever thought about a cute little inflatable bunch sitting in the middle, either with little bubbles or little hearts? Or maybe you would like a whole bunch floating up above. Birthday balloon delivery will make a gorgeous centrepiece to complete every table setting.

Perhaps you have a cartoon themed party for your child. There are many characters shapes for you to choose from with many styles available. Top it off with some characters printed on them also. You will have the perfect style to amaze children and adults alike.

There are many colours to choose from at a birthday balloon delivery. You can have red, pink or purple, blue, green and teal, there is brown, grey, white and black, whatever your heart desires. Not only do you have the colour choice, but you can also choose your shade as well. Everything will be complete with the colours of your choice.



Can’t find the appropriate gift, that’s OK because birthday balloon delivery can cater for this as well. A teddy bear filled, or some jewelry instead, fill a sparkly one with a cute little gift to turn it into something extra special you know they will surely love.

There are many different designs that you can order. There is glittered and shiny, stripes and spots, or printed and plain. There is glitter or confetti-filled, and many, many more. Scroll on through and take your pick it couldn’t be any easier.

When you order your beautiful designs through birthday balloon delivery, you will receive excellent quality and professional service. Your order will arrive on time, so you are ready to enjoy your party. They will all be inflated for you so you don’t have to stress wondering how you are going to get it all done.


There are many things you can create by choosing your designs carefully. You can hang small white and light blue ones to complete an underwater theme. Or use some spotted or striped ones to set a jungle cat scene. You could use lots of shades of green and create a forest full of trees, or pick every colour and go crazy with a rainbow unicorn theme. Need some ideas then scroll on through, your imagination will begin to run wild.

Whatever your décor needs, birthday balloon delivery will have you catered with a beautiful inflated design. With an enthusiastic team who will deliver your order to you fast and efficiently. You will never be disappointed when they arrive at your place ready to merge with the party.



Stop The Glare With Prescription Sunglasses Online

stylish glasses

Do you wear spectacles and fine that the light is just too bright while outdoors? Have you ever brought shades only to have blurry vision without your specs on? There are millions of people around the world that suffer from the same thing. The solution, buying prescription sunglasses online from your own home.


Buying prescription sunglasses online is simple and efficient. With a no hassle ordering system you can have some shades that will keep your vision clear without having to wear wrap around over top of your spectacles.


three men wearing sunglasses


There are many stylish options available to choose from. All you have to do is scroll through and pick the ones that you like the best or search for a brand that you prefer. With many shapes, frame colours and lens colours to choose from you’ll find something to suit your needs perfectly.


The beauty of buying shades from prescription sunglasses online rather than a physical store is the discounts. You can save a lot of money choosing to buy one over the internet.


There are several options you get the opportunity to purchase. You have polarized that help reduce glare, mirrored lenses which are exactly what they sound, transition lenses that turn from clear while inside to dark when it is bright or you can get your lenses to suit your eyes. By giving them your prescription you have your lenses for your shades made to suit your eyes. It’s horrible standing out in the sun and having glare fill your eyes through your specs. It is an easy and convenient system, check it out for yourself.


When buying prescription sunglasses online you will benefit in many ways. For a start there is the simple fact of style. You can choose one of many stylish designs to give you the look you desire. Secondly you will be protecting your eyes from the harsh UV Ray’s that the sun produced, they can have devastating consequences on your vision. Thirdly, enhanced vision due to you using your prescribed lenses and lastly there is a style to suit everyone’s face. No need to have chunky, horrible sunnies that make you look like a blowfly.


Do you know the dangers of UV Ray’s on your eyes? UV stands for ultraviolet, they are Ray’s produced by the sun. Because we have a thinning ozone layer over Australia we have a higher concentration of UV rather than in other countries. UV ray’s have been linked to eye damage including cataracts, macular degeneration, pinguecula, pterygia and photokeratitis. A recent study has found that the sun has a secondary cause. High-energy visible radiation has been to macular degeneration. There are plenty of sources you can look through if you would like to understand this properly. Just search up damage the sun can do to your eyes.


Do you enjoy being outside in the fresh air? Perhaps you’d like to play sports, job, walk the dog, garden or run around with your kids, no matter what your activity unless too physical of course, you can have a comfortable pair of sunnies that offer that crisp, clear image that you enjoy with your specs.


Those who create prescription sunglasses online have come up with this idea because they understand the hassles is a putting up with the glare. They have done the research to bring you the most comfortable yet affordable eye wear. They know that style is very important to some people while others need the durability. no matter what your needs are when you order through prescription sunglasses online you are guarantee quality eye wear with a process made easy for you.

Why Brochure Printing Cuts Through With Your Target Demographic


Despite a turning tide in the marketing landscape that sees printed materials supposedly ushered out for online technologies, there are some formats that continue to hold more value in the marketplace.

In 2018 there is still reluctance in some quarters to rely solely on digital screens when a handheld printed copy is seen as a greater asset to connect with on a personal level.

Printing services fits this description, but its evolution into a modern form of communication has made it a worthwhile marketing tool for commercial entities.

Here we will outline how this material cuts through to target demographics.


Pocket Sized Handouts

The flexibility and mobility of brochure printing makes this cost effective exercise a brilliant way of getting a foothold into the market. Whether your business is new on the scene or has established a presence over the course of a number of years, the brochure is ideal for giving clients information on the go. This paper material can be easily folded into a pocket, can be held on the front door of the fridge with a magnet, can be presented on a desk or given away outside events. That portability to issue copies without it becoming a burden makes it a neat marketing option.


Perfect Outlet For Trade Shows and Events

Networking is a practice that helps to maintain relationships, establish new ones and source opportunities that could otherwise not be gleaned. Here is where trade shows and industry specific events come into play, a setting where brochure printing really comes into its own. Whether your business has set up a marquee or is simply working the room to meet and greet others in the field, the brochure can speak volumes about your assets and forward momentum without placing the pressure on your own knowledge.


Pack In Plenty of Information

Whether you embrace the 3 or 4-fold popular options offered by brochure printing outlets, there is more than enough space to make an elevator pitch and expand on many of the selling points that makes your brand unique. Some brochures venture close to 1000 words, but the idea here is to utilize the space wisely. There is no comparison in this respect when comparing to generic business cards.


Mix Images and Colour to Plain Text

There are advantages inclusive with brochure printing that makes it standout from general business cards or articles to promote the cause of the brand. Here there is scope to really expand your content courtesy of graphs, pie charts, photo galleries, stats, pricing lists and anything else that you would like to broadcast. The standard 3-fold brochure still has plenty of room to play with, but a 4-fold copy allows for additional panels to tangibly expand upon your company messaging.




Issues Brand Authority

There is a subconscious effect that occurs when a business decides that brochure printing is part and parcel of their operating model. Any independent contractor can whip up a business card or set up a smart letterhead that ticks all of the practical and aesthetic boxes, but a brochure outlines to the consumer market that your organisation is striving to give genuine detail and context. So often customers are sent to a generic FAQ page or requested to send an email before a delayed response arrives. By giving more detail in the immediate sense on paper, there is a respect gleaned from clients who see your enterprise as a body that wants to issue value.



There is a degree of intimacy with printed materials that is almost impossible to replicate with digital mediums. Brochure printing cuts through to your demographic because it is the best of both worlds, being easily portable to hand out on the go, is packed with information and graphics and allows for a stronger connection between the enterprise and the consumer.


The Benefits of a Driving Assessment After a Stroke

There are many physical and cognitive impairments that can inhibit a person’s ability to drive independently and safely. For many people, travelling via a motor vehicle is a core component of their life. It allows people to stay connected to their communities and engage in activities that bring enjoyment and satisfaction. It is important that our roads remain safe and secure for all drivers, passengers and members of the public; so ensuring that all drivers are equipped with the necessary skills to deal with dangerous situations in a safe manner is paramount. Suffering from a severe brain injury is a serious ailment that needs to be treated with care and consideration, particularly if you want to get back behind the wheel.  So, let’s take a look at several key advantages of seeking a NDIS driving assessment after a stroke.


Verification of confidence

A driving assessment after a stroke could go a long way in ensuring that you are confident when getting back behind the wheel. You might have been someone who loved to go for a drive before the injury, however, now you just feel scared at the prospect of operating a vehicle. You don’t back yourself getting back out on the roads. Seeking professional advice could be the thing you need to reinforce your confidence and help build your self-esteem in getting back out onto the roads in the future.

Furthermore, there are several different types of tests that can be used when testing one’s ability to drive. For example; an off-road test will analyse and identify any serious medical conditions, such as a brain injury, that could seriously hamper your ability to operate a car. More importantly, this is all done without hopping behind the wheel, saving you stress and anxiety, while also receiving a qualified, professional opinion.


Sharpen your skills

In addition, a driving assessment after a stroke can be pivotal in honing your skills, ultimately making you a safer, more efficient driver in the long term.  Indeed, these tests often include activities such as flexibility exercises, which are designed to help improve the strength of your reflexes, particularly when reacting quickly to dangerous scenarios on the road. On top of this, a driving assessment after a stroke will involve professional strategies that will help reduce or eliminate any unsafe behaviours. If you’ve suffered a serious brain injury, chances are your skills are a little off, or at least, not what they once were. Hence, a formal analysis will provide you with key tips to resolve this, like wheel positions, seating arrangements, blind spot checks and parking techniques.



Modifications to your car

A driving assessment after a stroke will also include any relevant modifications to your vehicle if required. A traumatic brain injury may have left you or someone close to you with physical disabilities, which may undermine their ability to operate a conventional car. To deal with this, a formal driving assessment after a stroke will clearly identify any car modifications that may be required to help improve driver functionality and safety. This may involve pedal extenders, additional side mirrors, seat lifts to aid moving in and out of your car, additional hand controls and seatbelt extenders.



Unfortunately, not everyone can get back behind the wheel after a serious brain injury. A driving assessment after a stroke may bring you the results you didn’t want to hear; that you’re unable to operate a vehicle.  In this situation, formal therapists can be consulted to deal with this situation, as for some people, it could be incredibly disheartening news. Hence, a driving assessment after a stroke is not just about improving your ability to drive, it’s about guaranteeing that only people of a certified standard are on the roads.



Leather Furniture: Know What You Are Buying

leather lounges

Leather furniture is a significant investment, and you want it to last. However, not all leathers are created equal and nor they wear out as gracefully as expected. Therefore it makes sense to know beforehand whether your purchase is going to be meaningful or unapologetically jacked up.

If you are planning to buy a leather couch and somehow stumbled upon this article while shopping around, thank your stars that you did, because this piece of information will help you make a wise buying decision.

The leather industry is vast and can be perplexing at times. It caters to everyone from the filthy rich and elites to conservative middle class. A leather couch, for instance, is sold at different price points, and it’s essential to understand which one is the best fit for you. Are you buying what you need? Are you getting what you are paying for? Well, you might want to keep asking yourself questions like these when looking around for options.

Leather products can be deceptive unless you pay close attention. Most companies sell leather couches with a fancy name and even a fancier price tag. If the label says ‘Faux Leather‘ or ‘Bonded Leather’, then it’s not genuine. Customers who are tricked into buying bonded leather instead of real leather end up cursing the seller, sooner, because they don’t last long enough.

To avoid buyers remorse, understand the following types of leather available on the market.


What is faux leather?

As the name indicates, faux leather is not real leather. It is synthesized from fabric which is then chemically treated to achieve the leather-like tan and texture. Faux leather is cheap, durable and stain-resistant but lacks the luxurious appeal of genuine leather. It’s easy to tell apart faux leather from a genuine one by merely touching or looking at it. The gist of the matter is that buying a faux leather couch won’t pinch your pocket, but its tawdry appeal might hurt your image.


What is bonded leather?

Also known as reconstituted leather, bonded leather is made from the leftovers of animal hide blended, polished and textured to look like real deal. A bonded leather couch is nearly identical to genuine leather, and it’s hard to tell the difference. But as the couch grows older, the bonded leather starts to peel off of the fabric base. A bonded leather couch contains a small amount of real leather, and that’s what accounts for its low price. Nonetheless, a bonded leather couch is an excellent fit for rooms which are visited less frequently.

Before we move on to discuss genuine leather, it’s worth mentioning that faux leather and bonded leather are costly to repair. So when you buy a leather couch of these sorts, don’t forget to factor in their maintenance cost for the long haul.


What is genuine leather?

The price of a genuine leather couch speaks (read screams) volumes about it. The upholstery will be entirely made of animal hide, with reinforced raw stitch details that will pull it together to withstand regular abuse. A genuine leather couch can serve you for decades while retaining the same elegance and charm as when you bought it.


Before you bounce off this article, here’s a quick tip.

The key to prolong the life of your leather couch is to use manufacturer-recommended cleaning products and techniques and protect it from water-damage.

Where to Start When Looking for Electrical Engineering Internships


One of the most important things for students to do is to get real life experience before they finish their degree. This will make it much more likely that they are able to achieve a graduate position and that they will feel more confident when they do begin work. While most universities will encourage students to look for electrical engineering internships as a part of their degree, on their school holidays, or after their graduation, they may not give great detail about where to look for a company who is going to suit the student at hand.

For example, not all graduates want to work in exactly the same field. Some may want to work with cell phones, whereas others may want to work with robots. Similarly, some may wish to work with computers whereas others may want to work with navigation systems. Whatever the field may be that they want to get into, it is likely that there is a company out there which they are able to work for in order to gain valuable experience. While university is great, most people learn by doing things and so it is crucial that students know where to start when looking for electrical engineering internships.




Find electrical engineering internships by looking on job websites such as Seek

When most people think about job websites, they envision high paid positions where people will need years of experience in order to apply. This simply isn’t the case and most websites such as Seek will have options for work experience or volunteer positions. The great thing about this is that people are able to put a shortlist together of companies that they like to work for from the comfort of their own homes. Furthermore, they are able to learn more about the company that is offering the position and are able to find one that is based near them. It is usually a good idea to search on websites such as these because people are able to pick up on details that may rule them out as a candidate. For example, if an ad stated that someone had to travel for the role and the person who was wanting to apply was still studying, they may not be able to travel for the position. Furthermore, they may not own a car and so it would once again be hard for them to fulfill this need. As this is the case, they simply wouldn’t apply for the role and so wouldn’t be wasting anyone’s time. As it can be seen, it can be very handy to search for electrical engineering internships online.


Find electrical engineering internships by contacting companies directly

Many students make the mistake of thinking that places are only hiring when they advertise. This simply isn’t the case which is why it is such a wise move to contact businesses directly. Many will be impressed with the initiative shown and will be likely to find a position within their business. Others may have been wanting to hire someone for a long time, however, simply hadn’t found the time to get around to posting. Others don’t want to have to pay any associated fees that come along with advertising on job boards. As this is the case, it can be wise for people to make a list of companies that they think they will be a good fit for and to also make a list of ways that they think they will be able to help them. They can then contact them and ask if they are offering electrical engineering internships.

The Advantages of Disability Accommodation

disability service

Since the NDIS was introduced in July 2016, occupational therapy and support services for the disabled have been expanded, so as to provide a greater level of care and compassion for the disadvantaged. Indeed, part of this scheme has involved increased funding to improve the quality of available disability accommodation so as to improve the quality of life, mental health and available care for those who are disabled. Here are some of the key benefits that supporting housing can provide to those in need.


Promotes a sense of community

From self-contained units to multi-room houses, disability accommodation has the benefit of building a sense of community and friendship with those who live there. Building long-term friendships can greatly improve one’s social life and skills, their ability to communicate and engage with others, while improving one’s mental health. Put simply, having people around you reduces the likelihood of depression and anxiety as a result of isolation.











Allows for greater staff support

In essence, disability accommodation has grown under the NDIS, which has allowed for greater levels of staff support throughout the day and night if needed. Such tasks could involve budgeting, planning, food shopping, laundry, meal preparation and creating social events and leisure time. Having that extra level of support can go a long way in improving the functioning of the share house and ensuring that all members get along without any issues.


Building trust and responsibility

Likewise, shared disability accommodation can help individuals develop a sense of trust in one another, while also help develop responsibility and accountability. Regular group meetings and outlining each housemate’s role and responsibilities for the week can go a long way in honing leadership skills, satisfaction and reliability. This can have the added benefit of improving relationships and social skills, thereby strengthening bonds.



Developing independence

Without suitable support housing, many people would be left unable to care for themselves, which would ultimately reduce the quality of their life and emotional health. Support housing means that individuals who are disabled are able to become more independent and productive in an environment that is safe, secure and well supported by occupational therapists. There is also a psychological element of satisfaction in developing your own sense of independence and autonomy when living in a share house or support housing. Becoming more independent involves developing skills like bathing, cooking, cleaning and dressing, which will ultimately improve self-satisfaction and self-esteem. In share housing, individuals can take greater control over their life, their relationships and daily activities.


Environmental barriers

At the same time, disability accommodation is generally more suitable than regular housing because it is often modified with assistive technologies that help make life easier for people who may be disabled. For those with severe physical impairments, such modifications to disability accommodation may include assisted walkways, assistive rails and removal of stairs. For young children with severe disabilities, home modifications will likely include child-proofing of cabinets with dangerous items or the installation of guards to prevent access to areas of the home that may lead to harm to the individual. This encourages participation in the home and can improve internal relationships, while obviously improving quality of life in the home.


Less strain on families

Living in approved disability accommodation also ensures that you receive the best occupational treatment and support, while reducing the strain put on families, who are likely not as well equipped in helping people who are disabled. There is more support staff to deal with any concerns or stresses, meaning that if you are a family member of someone who is disabled, you are not burdened with concerns beyond your control or level of expertise.



How to Know If Your Hair is Right for Yuko Hair Straightening

straight hair

There are many people out there who are looking for more permanent solutions when it comes to their luscious locks. There are many reasons for this but a common reason is because people don’t want to be wasting their precious money on products that are supposed to give them a great look when in reality they are just expensive and don’t help that much. Others are tired of constantly having to use a hot iron every morning and are wanting to save themselves some time when getting ready. In addition to all of this, people can often damage their locks when using a blow-dryer or hot iron on a regular basis and so will need to find some other kind of treatment to help them.

The good news is that there are plenty of other treatments out there which are able to offer people a more permanent solution and one of these treatments are Yuko hair straightening. This service is where the molecular bonds are changed in the strands which means that they will no longer be wavy. While this is a popular method, some will be worried that their hair might not be suitable and so this article will explore this further.

Virgin strands are always best when it comes to Yuko hair straightening

While most styles are acceptable for Yuko hair straightening, it is usually better to have virgin strands. This means that the hair is without dye for a while especially bleach and it isn’t too damaged from previous hair treatments. The good news is that people are always able to pop into a salon and chat with the staff members to ensure that they suitable for the treatment. Furthermore, clients will always have to attend an initial consultation where their locks will be inspected by the stylist at hand. While it can be disappointing to not be able to get the procedure done right away, it is important that people don’t experience any negative side effects such as hair loss or thinning. Some may even experience further damage if they receive treatment with already damaged locks.

Having said this, most people will be just fine even if they have had a colour in the past. So as it can be seen, virgin strands are always best to work with but that doesn’t necessarily rule other people out as well. In some cases, however, it can be best for people to wait for a few months before having their Yuko hair straightening performed.


Yuko hair straightening can be implemented by those who experience frizziness too

When most people think about Yuko hair straightening they will mostly think that they have to have thick curls in order to implement this kind of service. The great thing about this method is that those who simply experience frizziness are able to get great benefit too. The reason for this is because this system with not only straighten the strands but it will also repair and regenerate them too. This will leave people with a natural, healthy, and shiny finish that they have always desired. Instead of using an iron which can actually damage the strands as well as give them a stiff and artificial look, people are able to implement this more permanent solution that will not only save them time and money in the long run but will also give them a flawless look that they are able to brag about.

woman ironing her hair

All people have to do is to set aside 3-4 hours depending on the length of their locks, and they are then able to gain all of the benefits that come along with the fantastic method that is Yuko hair straightening.

Vaping: What is it, and How is it Different from Smoking?

e-cig smoking

Vaping has been the buzzword around for a while now. If you are wondering what it is and what makes people switch to it from smoking, think you are at the right place to get answers to all your queries.


Before we discuss vaping and explain how it differs from smoking, let’s first understand what it means. The dictionary meaning of the word vaping is the act of inhaling nicotine in the form of vapours instead of smoke, especially using an electronic cigarette. That is to say, the puffs that are drawn or the drags done in the vaping process are not of smoke but vapours. And since vapours are the underlying phenomenon, this is where vaping got its name from.


What is an electronic cigarette?

The device used for vaping is known as an e-cigarette Australia, wherein e stands for electronic. It is a primary device whose function is to heat e-liquid, to a certain temperature at which liquid turns into vapours. The user inhales vapours, similar to how smokers inhale smoke while smoking. The one striking feature about the electronic cigarette is that the availability and strength of nicotine in e-liquid is the personal choice of the vaper. So, if a user wants to go nicotine-free or control the content of nicotine as per his or her desire, it can be easily done.

How e-cig works?

Before this question can be answered, let’s first find out what the components of a vaporiser, the vapour device, are. There are three main parts of the device – a battery, an atomizer/clearomizer tank and a mouthpiece. Electronic cigarettes feature a power button to turn them on. Before the power button is pressed, e-liquid is poured into the clearomizer tank, let it sit and soaked by the wick. Turning e-cig on will begin the heating process right away, turning the e-liquid into vapours. The users take their initial puffs slowly to find an ideal combination of flavour, voltage and wattage to work out a pleasurable vaping experience.


How are e-cigarettes different from conventional cigs?

Cigarettes are thin cylindrical-shaped finely cut tobacco rolled up in the paper for smoking. It is often thought that e-cigs are nothing but a high-tech version of a traditional tobacco product. But nothing could be further from the truth. E-cigs came into the picture to replace cigs. Yes, both share the same purpose, i.e., to provide the nicotine fix, but do it in a completely different way. The traditional ones burn tobacco leaves to deliver nicotine with whopping numbers of harmful chemicals. Whereas the vaping products are free from tobacco and don’t function on the same principle of burning. In fact, these products come filled with e-liquids which may or may not contain nicotine. Since there’s no combustion involved, there’s no smoke produced in vaping. It is important to know that e-cigarettes are not healthy and you can’t quit smoking with them!


Is e-cigs a healthier substitute?

There is no conclusive data to assert the advantages of e-cigarettes over traditional ones. But so far, many studies show that vaping products can act as an alternative to conventional cigs. However, there are not healthier than normal cigarettes. Many consumers switch between smoking and vaping when it suits them. Because the experience is entirely different, it’s difficult to carry out a comparison between the two.


Vaping is starkly different from smoking. Better or not, it is still to be concluded.