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The Benefits of Embrava Busylight

The Benefits of Embrava Busylight

Did you know that 28% of an information worker’s day is wasted on distractions? This translates to 2.1 hours of valuable productivity time per person per day that’s lost. That

10.5 hours per week, and 504 hours per worker per year.


In open plan offices where every minute of work counts and time-efficient collaborations are most important, there has been growing need for ways to reduce unnecessary interruptions.


This where contemporary technologies like Embrava Busylight come in handy!


Here’s how these can help in your workplace…


Status lights


The most important feature of Embrava Busylight is the humble status light. This can be in the form of headset lights, stand-alone light sticks, and in-app alerts.


Why is this such a big deal?


The open office is becoming the set-up of choice for many information work environments as it is conducive of collaboration. Should you want clarification about something, or need a hand with a query, or an issue that’s come up, it makes it all the easier to simply ask a colleague.


However, this is only most efficient if unproductive interruptions are kept to a minimum.   For example, if one worker were to disengage from their work, to go and ask something of a particular colleague, only to find they are busy on a phone call, we could be looking at 5 minutes of productivity completely lost.


This is a huge way in which Embrava Busylight status lights can help. These display the availability of each worker, with red to signify they’re busy – for instance, on a phone call – and green to show you your colleague is free for a quick chat. This makes it all the easier to not waste time.


2. Link to various applications


In addition to headset lights and light sticks, Embrava Busylight can be integrated to a range of communication apps used in your workplace.


These include, but aren’t limited to…






Also hook it up to show alerts from in-house business applications. The status light becomes in sync with your status on all functions that you use in your work.


Connected to all apps and devices, Embrava Busylight can easily know and communicate when you’re free, and when you’re a little busy. Workers can make up for lost time if they were to go check in with an unavailable colleague, and can continue working on tasks in the meantime.



A handy little feature to add to this, and help make it easier to spot who’s free, is the Embrava Busylight nameplate. Another alternative to the headset lights and light sticks, workers can get the nameplate complete with status lights to place on their desk.


Alerts to incoming communications

Being hooked up to various applications and devices, Embrava Busylight is also able to flash or beep when calls or messages are being received. This means workers can stay focused, and not waste valuable productivity time on checking apps to see if they’ve been paged.

5. Effective desk utilization

Desk mounted status lights can be made to automatically detect desk ‘check-ins’ and ‘check-outs’. Many forget to manually log these when they get up or return to their desks, meaning inaccurate desk usage data, as well as colleagues finding an empty desk when trying to find a coworker.


Improve company’s bottom line

By minimizing interruptions, providing quick and easy collaboration, and through these, boosting overall productivity.


The less interruptions at work, the better! With Embrava Busylight technology, it’s made much easier for workers to efficiently collaborate while maximising their own productivity.

The basics of buying a gas hot water cylinder

The basics of buying a gas hot water cylinder

House maintenance can be one of the most boring and monotonous aspects of daily life. When things around the house break or malfunction, often times we take it upon ourselves to do the work and not consult external advice or services. Replacing a gas hot water cylinder is a decision that requires a lot of thought and consideration, particularly in terms of price, quality and the relative advantages and disadvantages of making a selection. As a result, there are several key aspects you must consider when making such a purchase.


Most modern homes feature a stainless steel gas hot water cylinder. Stainless steel has quickly become the most widely used option because of its benefits of enhancing water and shower pressure, along with reducing the time it takes to heat water.

Likewise, using a gas hot water cylinder is an environmentally friendly option, since the water is warmed cleanly and fewer emissions are produced in the process. Likewise, given the fact that the cost of electricity is rising, it is no wonder why a gas hot water cylinder is the perfect option. It is cheaper than its electric counterpart and the financial savings can be significant in the long run.  Additionally, many water heater designs ensure that the heater itself takes up very minimal space, meaning it is not an unsightly attraction around your home.


Furthermore, there is also the question as to how large your gas hot water cylinder should be. Size is generally based on a multitude of factors, including; the size of your home, whether your home is single or multistoried and how the amount of water outlets (taps, showers etc.). Families with multiple children will likely desire a home with several showers, so as to allow for multiple people to be showering at the same time. With an electric system, maintaining several hot showers concurrently can be incredibly difficult. Often times, the shower pressure will dwindle because the system cannot keep heating at such a rapid rate.

A gas hot water cylinder comes in various sizes including; 135L, 180L, 250L and a 300L. This comprehensive selection reinforces the benefits of using such a system over electric powering, augmenting its functional advantages.


At this stage, you may have already made your choice, or even your purchase. You may already know that you want a gas hot water cylinder system for your home; however, perhaps you are somewhat skeptical about how you go about installing the product. Thankfully, there is always professional advice and service available to ensure that your water heater is installed properly and effectively. Indeed, it is always beneficial to have an expert with you who is equipped with the necessary expertise and knowledge of the various safety measures needed in the installation process. This will guarantee that neither your home nor your wallet is ever put at risk.

Likewise, you can receive free consultations from a professional contractor, who will provide you with the best help in choosing and installing your water heater. On top of this, having your water heater professionally installed will reduce the likelihood of you experiencing mechanical issues in the long term, while guaranteeing that your house, property and privacy is respected and maintained.

Finally, as your contractor may inform you, using one of these water heaters will open you up to a variety of new taps and fittings that can be installed around your home to brighten its aesthetic appeal. On a side note, if your water heater is operated by a pilot light as opposed to an electric ignition, you’ll still be able to have a hot shower even during a blackout!

Why seeing a dentist will save your teeth

dental implant in Hawkesbury

For some, teeth surgery can be an incredibly daunting and scary prospect. For others, it is merely like any other consultation. If the need arises, receiving a Hawkesbury Family Dental dental implant in Hawkesbury would be a very important medical procedure to ensure that you keep your teeth for longer and maximise your oral hygiene. The fear of crown surgery generally stems from how invasive and painful the procedure can be. However, receiving you dental implant in Hawkesbury would guarantee that the procedure would be handled with care, compassion and understanding, ensuring that your pain is minimised and your recovery time made bearable and quick. But much of this can be prevented with consistent oral hygiene care and frequent consultations with your dentist, at least every six months.

Preventative treatment

A healthy smile starts with frequent brushing. For children, this can be difficult, as they often become distracted and miss spots when brushing. Consistent check-ups will ensure that children are not faced with plaque build-up, which can cause cavities and infections. On a more serious note, these cavities can eventually turn into serious tooth decay, which may require a dental implant in Hawkesbury and the placement of a crown.

Getting a crown

There are many benefits of receiving a dental implant in Hawkesbury. Your smile should last a lifetime and with the placement of a crown or bridge, it will. Replacing broken teeth is important to your health, as it helps ensure the functionality of your mouth and prevents further deterioration to other areas. It can also be embarrassing to have missing teeth, particularly in social situations where it might become a topic of conversation. You shouldn’t let your teeth bring down your self-esteem.


A major advantage of getting a dental implant in Hawkesbury is that they help improve your overall facial structure and appearance. This is because they preserve your jawbones and prevent your jaw from deteriorating. If many of your natural teeth have been compromised, your lips may fold in and wrinkles may develop around your mouth. Overall, consulting an oral hygienist and receiving a dental implant in Hawkesbury could well take many years off your smile and improve your overall appearance!

Restore self-confidence

As touched on earlier, crown surgery can be incredibly beneficial in restoring an individual’s self-esteem and confidence in various social situations. A bridge for your teeth allows you to eat and smile without fear of being judged by others because of the quality of your teeth.


Likewise, a crown procedure for your teeth is permanent. This means you never have to remove your replaced teeth, unlike dentures or a retainer. You can sleep with them in and eat and drink whatever you want. This reduces your stress in worrying about what foods and drinks you can or can’t eat.

Natural look

Having a dental implant in Hawkesbury would be a terrific idea if you need to replace missing or broken teeth, primarily because it is the closest thing to natural molars. Indeed, the entire tooth is replaced; including the root, meaning the “tooth” will function like it was natural.

Crown surgery will also help improve your eating habits, as it will allow you to eat all types of foods, which would otherwise not be the case with dentures or removable replacements. It also eliminates any destructive metal clasps that are common with partial dentures.

Prevents further oral hygiene issues

Finally, organising to have a dental implant in Hawkesbury can help create a healthier mouth and set of molars, which will help prevent the onset of more serious oral hygiene diseases, such as periodontal disease or other chronic infections.

Several benefits of consulting an after-hours doctor

Several benefits of consulting an after-hours doctor

Everyone gets sick or suffers from an injury. However, not all of these health concerns occur during conventional office hours. In fact, it is quite common to become ill during the night or on public holidays. In this case, your regular general practitioner or medical professional may be unavailable during these times. Because of this, consulting with an after-hours doctor could be crucial in ensuring that you receive the best medical treatment in a timely manner, hereby guaranteeing your health and medical wellbeing. Here are several key advantages of seeing a medical professional who operates out of office times.

Medical help when you need it

As outlined prior, your regular medical practitioner may be unavailable when you need those most. They may be on holiday or they may be unavailable due to a family emergence. If a serious sickness strikes out of office times, chances are your regular GP won’t be there to help you in your time of need.

However, seeing an after-hours doctor means you are guaranteed to receive high quality medical service when you need it the most. These medical professionals are highly qualified and experienced in dealing with a wide array of ailments, diseases and injuries.

It could be the difference between life and death

It goes without saying that you may be confronted with a situation where you need medical attention immediately. Serious injuries can quickly become life-threatening, resulting in death or long-term physical and emotional effects. Seeing an after-hours doctor ascertains that receive the medical assistance that you require at a time when it will help you the most, and in some instances, save your life.

Government funding

The Australian Government is making several key changes to the Medicare Benefit Schedule (MBS) to ensure that after hour’s doctors receive more funding, hereby guaranteeing that patients receive the highest quality service. The measure includes $1 billion in annual funding, whereby the Australian Government invests in support for people seeking care during unconventional times. This will ensure that all patients receive a proper assessment according to their personal situation. Overall, the government’s changes will go a long way in ensuring that after hour’s doctor services can be provided to all patients in genuinely urgent situations, regardless of the time or circumstances.


Many after-hours doctors are incredibly experienced in their medical field. Often, they have been specialists in the past but have since moved into more general medical assistance. Because of this, your after-hours doctor will likely possess extensive knowledge and experience, meaning your ailment will be treated with great compassion, care, diligence and understanding.

Moreover, these types of general practitioners are able to recommend you to relevant specialists and other qualified medical professionals. This means that even if your general practitioner does not possess the relevant skills to treat or diagnose your illness, they can certainly recommend you to someone who does.

Peace of mind

Regardless of whether you need to see a general practitioner who operates at unconventional working hours, knowing there is a medical professional available to you at any time of the day or night is security in itself.

You may have young children who are prone to croup, whooping cough, pneumonia or more serious medical conditions. Furthermore, children are more prone to needing late-night medical attention, due to the susceptible of their immune systems at that age. Knowing that there is an after-hours doctor at your disposal is peace of mind and beneficial to you as a parent or guardian. You want what is best for your child and loved ones.

How To Locate The Perfect Warehouse Management System in Australia

How To Locate The Perfect Warehouse Management System in Australia

It rarely makes a difference just what type of business you are in when you find yourself in the market for a high-quality warehouse management system in Australia.


From moving inventory that falls into the retail sector to exporting exotic goods or selling packaged items that come in bulk, there is a need across the board to ensure that your practice is maximising its potential.


In order to obtain this degree of efficiency that will generate stronger profits and allow you to expand into new markets, you need a system in place that eliminates costs and errors, jumps on opportunities and empowers management to make bold decisions backed by up-to-the-minute data.


Fortunately there are software programs and initiatives from some of the leading providers that emboldens Australian brands to do just that.


In that regard, we will take stock of how you can take your own stock, offering tips and advice on the ways and means of identifying the top providers in this warehouse field.

Complete Inventory Systemisation


The receiving and picking of items is something that will determine how well your warehouse management system in Australia happens to be performing. Manufacturers and distributors alike need to ensure that their physical infrastructure is not compromised as packing slips, sale orders, bulk pallet loads and reassigned boxes are all featured in the calculations. From the top to the bottom of this process, there must be synchronicity between different departments that function within the warehouse, as all parties need to be privy to the inventory procedures.

Tracking and Locating Tech


The capacity to track and locate the shipping of items is imperative when thinking about the options for a warehouse management system in Australia. Given the sheer amount of kilometres that have to be traveled from one end of a city to the next, from one region to the next or from interstate where the distance is extensive, organisations require up-to-the-minute information on their location. If delays or reorders have to be issued, then that can only be made when the status of goods are understood and communicated between the seller, distributor and purchased party.

Centralised Access


It is simply not good enough to invest in a warehouse management system in Australia if employees are unable to access this system. Should this be implemented from a hub and central point, then there are login functions available for different department members and there is complete transparency. This will speak to the communication performance of the enterprise as a lack of access from various points can create a breakdown that proves costly.

Upgrading and Additional Functions


A quality warehouse management system in Australia will allow businesses to upgrade when they feel as though the basic package is simply not providing them enough tools. With customisation upgrades and zone picking just part and parcel of what a provider can offer your enterprise, it would make sense to opt into a package that can venture beyond what your competitors can access.

Forecasting and Planning Frameworks


Gaging your performance within the past week, month or quarter is one thing to help your decision making, but a warehouse management system in Australia that is geared towards examining and relaying data should be able to assist in the fields of planning and forecasting. By using information that takes from research and past case studies, these programs can inform management about implications for potential choices.



There are a few key strategies you can use to pinpoint your ideal warehouse management system in Australia. Examine the reviews online, speak with your peers, colleagues and take stock of what they say.

Everything to know about family law solicitors in Campbelltown

Everything to know about family law solicitors in Campbelltown

There can come a time in someone’s life where they need to look into the services of specialist family law solicitors in Campbelltown. This area of expertise focuses on the dissolution of marriages, relationships, child custody agreements, property arrangements, domestic violence issues, prenuptial agreements, and more. While some people prefer to stay away from lawyers as much as possible, seeking the help of a professional can actually be very empowering. There are many people out there who do not know their rights and are basing their actions on incorrect knowledge. Furthermore, it is not uncommon to see people act in a way that they usually wouldn’t when it comes to relationship matters. People can feel threatened and hurt and can lash out when they become scared. In these instances, it is often better to look into the services of family law solicitors in Campbelltown. Family law solicitors in Campbelltown are the perfect people to see when needing to gain legal knowledge, or when not knowing how to take the next step. For example, a person may be thinking about leaving their partner but are not sure what that will mean for their children, for their finances, and for their properties and businesses. Chatting with family law solicitors in Campbelltown is the best way to get ahead of the situation and to ensure that the ideal outcome is achieved all around.

They can help prepare you for a divorce

Preparing for a divorce can often be one of the scariest things someone can do in their lives. They fear the backlash they will receive from their partner, from their friends, from their family, and from their in-laws. Furthermore, people can feel like they have failed or like they are bad people for wanting to get a divorce, especially when it isn’t the first marriage that they are ending. Additionally, people are often unsure of what a divorce will mean for their finances. They are worried that they will lose half of their money, half of their super, half of their properties, and half of their businesses. This isn’t necessarily the case, especially when the two parties involved did not build their money together. Family law solicitors in Campbelltown are the best people to speak with to get in-depth information on how best to move forward with a divorce, how to prepare for it, and to chat about the ideal outcome that is wanted. They will be able to act as a representative in court if need be and can ensure that their clients feel safe and empowered throughout the whole process.

They can help figure out parental responsibility

Another great thing that family law solicitors in Campbelltown are able to help out with is figuring out parental responsibility. Many parents become very confused when ending their relationship because they are unsure of where they stand with their children. In the eyes of the courts, every parent has parental responsibility for their child, even after a separation or divorce. This is also still the case when children are adopted. This outlook encourages that both parties have equal responsibility in their children’s lives e.g. making important decisions. When involved parties do not agree or if one party has had a history of violence or abusive behaviour, then this assumption may not apply. Again, family law solicitors in Campbelltown are the best people to see to discuss such issues and to ensure that parents know what their rights are.  As it can be seen, there are many benefits to looking into the services of family law solicitors in Campbelltown that will make it more likely that ideal outcomes are achieved.

Passion to polish your Personality:


Passion – something that you love to do, no matter what time of the day it is. And personality – something that you are. So how do you amalgamate both and polish your existing personality? Well, it’s easy! Let’s take you around the passion polishing centre!

There’s a common notion that passions make you more of an introvert, and it won’t help you to build your personality and inter-communication skills. We begin with shattering this notion! Your passions have the capacity to develop your personality to an extent you cannot even imagine! And that’s because your passion is yours, and not everyone is lucky enough to possess talents- and if you do, you’re super lucky!

Pump in efforts:
The first step you need to take is fuel efforts in the direction to improvise in the talents you have. Learn the nuances of the art you know, immerse yourself in it and explore it! Know your passions well enough as you take them out to the world.

Get vocal:
Whenever in a group of people, don’t hesitate to talk about your passions. It is a great conversation starter, and you never know how and when you’ll stumble upon other persons pursuing similar passions! And this way, the conversation gets interesting, with others pouring in their views, experiences about the passions they follow.

Join a hobby club:
Track down a hobby club which promotes the passion you follow. This will not only help you know your passion better but will also get you acquainted with people who have the same passion! You will get to know firsthand experiences of people and tips to polish your passion too. More the interaction with people, the better you get at communication, which is an essential aspect of a great personality.


Get active on social media:
Join a social media group to help you keep in touch and stay updated about various people following the same passion as you do. You never know how these contacts will be handy, so keep networking! And even otherwise, networking is an essential aspect of developing your personality, so yes, this will help!

You are at your best when you are pursuing your talents and passions; the comfort level is the most when you know that you’re doing something you’re actually good at. So make use of this to hone your personality and develop into a better human being!


Methods how to manage bad debt


Bad debt happens when you give a partial payment towards a loan amount.  When you do not settle the amount, the bad debt still exists. Consider asking these questions before making financial obligations.

  1. Do I need it in the first place? Is it a need or a want? If it is a need, you can save up and buy it later.
  2. Is there an alternative way I can pay for this rather than owning something on credit? You may try to meet the requirements for subsidies or grants. Find other ways like trading or renting.
  3. I already have other monthly costs can I still afford it? Check your budget to see how much you have left for the debt repayments after meeting all your monthly expenses and savings.
  4. How much should I borrow? Try to reduce the loan amount as much as possible by making as large a first instalment as you can afford.
  5. How much must I pay every month? Do not allow your debt repayments to take up a large percentage of your pay.
  6. How long will it take to pay off my loan? The longer it will take to pay off the mortgage the more interest it will acquire. Make informed choices when deciding on a comfortable repayment period.


If you are not reducing debt faster than you collect it, it can be disastrous. Do your calculations to see if you are debt heavy. Here are early warning signs if you are carrying too much debt.

  • Your income is less than what you spend.
  • You skip payments on accounts to pay others.
  • You make smaller payments on your credit cards.
  • You have exceeded your credit card limits.
  • You are receiving late payment notices.

Plan an accurate budget and follow it. Have a debt reduction plan by paying off debts that have a higher interest rate first. Do what is best for you by continually reducing what you owe. Simplify your lifestyle. Drive a less expensive car or sell your house and get a smaller bond payment. Find ways to cut back, spend less and save more.

Look into your choices for a higher paying job or get a second part-time job to increase your monthly income.

Try to make saving part of your monthly budget. It takes commitment and discipline, and a lot of money smart people save at least 15% of their income every month.

Talk directly to your creditors. Many will work out a revised payment option. If they know your dedication to paying off your obligation they sometimes cut their fees.

Debt is not the problem but being responsible about how to repay it is. Lessoning your debt and managing your cash flow is crucial to your financial health.

Debt advisors can help you to manage debt effectively.

Is There Really Any Benefit to Multivitamins?



Multivitamin tablets are taken by people all over the world in hopes of getting the proper nutrients that regular food intake doesn’t provide. People, especially over the age of 50, take multivitamin or individual vitamins. But do multivitamins actually give you all the advertised benefits?


Let’s start by looking at what a multivitamin actually is. They are supplements that have a handful of vitamins and minerals. Although what nutrients they contain is different from different multivitamins, they are of many different forms such as chewables, tablets, capsules, or even liquids.


Multivitamins will contain a lot of the 13 vitamins and 16 minerals that are needed by the body apart from other additives like amino and fatty acids and herbs.


There are numerous researches that give us a conclusive answer to the effects of multivitamins. One such study that was reported by the Daily Telegraph suggested that vitamins aren’t all that useful and they do not protect us from any illnesses.


The studies were conducted on two separate trials which were randomised. After the study was reviewed, there very little evidence that suggested there were benefits from taking supplements. But these studies were performed to determine whether said supplements had any impact on the prevention of heart diseases or cancer.


These tests were run on 1700 people who previously had a myocardial infarction, or a heart attack. High dosage of oral multivitamins was administered on 6000 male doctors who were doctors to check if multivitamins affected their cognitive functions later on.


It was also found that there were reduced chances of cancer and cataracts. But the tests were inconclusive as to whether there were safe to be administered without the supervision of a physician in the long run.


The tests have also been mixed when it came to the cardiovascular effects of multivitamins. There were some studies that found a reduction in the risk of heart diseases while there were others that found no impact at all. It was also found that there was a 35% reduction in heart-related deaths when it came to women and not men.


For cancer, some studies found out that there was no involvement of multivitamins to the disease while in other cases, the use of multivitamins linked to the increase of cancer risk. Men who used multivitamins had a 31% lower chance of cancer while chances of colon cancer were reduced in both men and women.


In older adults, the uses of supplements were linked with better memory and improved mood. This is due to the fact that many vitamin deficiencies were found to be the reason for bad mood.