3 Steps To Finding The Best Sydney Family Lawyers For Your Case

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When a martial or de-facto relationship breaks down, it is normally a time of great emotional stress for spouses, any children present and other loves ones. Often times emotionally charged issues like infidelity can be the catalyst for the divorce process, making the dispute between former partners particularly acrimonious.

Whatever the reasons for the separation, there are legal questions that need to be answered for the satisfaction of the state. Issues like divorce procedure, property division and child custody considerations need to be dealt with in order for the relationship to come to a proper end in the eyes of the courts.

This is where most people will choose to engage the services of Sydney family lawyers in order to help them navigate the legal complexities of getting a divorce, negotiating property settlement and litigating in child custody disputes. However, the legal industry is highly competitive with hundreds of different practitioners in your vicinity each eager to take on your case.

Selecting the right Sydney family lawyers to assist you could make all the difference in achieving the outcome you desire, so it’s not a decision you should take lightly. The following will outline some steps you can take to ensure you find a reputable and effective family law lawyer to represent you during this difficult time in your life.


1: Ask friends and relatives for their suggestions

An obvious place to begin your search is with friends and relatives as at least a few people you ask will have had to engage a family law lawyer at one point or another. It’s a good idea to start with people you know have dealt with issues similar to yours.

For example, if you know that the custody of your children will be a major point of contention between you and your former partner then you should ask for the recommendation of someone who had a favourable custody outcome. Since every case is different this approach won’t guarantee you’ll get the same result, but it’s still going to give you a better chance than nothing at all.


2: Use the power of the internet

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Another effective way to find ideal Sydney family lawyers is by using the internet. By performing a simple Google search for solicitors in your area you should be able to quickly identify a range of highly reputable candidates.

You can usually trust the top results to be similar in terms of service quality and affordability, but it’s always worth doing some investigating before making a final choice. Browse their website and get a feel for the practitioner’s work ethic, read testimonials from past clients and look at the logistical/financial details of working with them.


3: Organise interviews with your top candidates

Any good family law lawyer would be happy to have a 15-30 minute conversation with your either in person or over the phone in order for you to get a better feel for what working with them would be like. You should use this opportunity to clarify any questions you have and to give them an overview of your case.

Sydney family lawyers should be eager to hear the overview of your case and give you a rough outline of how they might approach the situation. They should express confidence in their abilities without sounding too cocky.

Also, don’t trust a solicitor who promises you everything you want without any compromise as this offer is usually too good to be true. Most legal disputes, especially relationship based ones, are based around compromise either with the court or with the other party.