A Beginner’s Guide to Custom Printed Helium Balloons

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There are many great advantages of ordering some custom printed helium balloons. Whether it is for a professional function, a regular party or something more special, like an engagement party, some personalized party props could go a long way in ensuring that your event is a raging success. Before you decide on anything and start madly ordering something, it is important that you understand the different types available, the reasons for purchase and how they can benefit your function. So, if you’re in the midst of organizing a party or event, be sure to consider the following guide on buying the best custom printed helium balloons for your function.



You want to make sure that you’re picking the right style for your event. Cluttering your inflatables with excessive images will actually detract from their appeal. Keep it simple and always remember what type of party you are planning, and then you’ll know what type of custom printed helium balloons you require.



Particularly for kids’ parties, you can spark up your inflatables with some cute little accessories. Nice little curling ribbons are always a good feature to add to your inflatables, particularly if they add to the party theme. You can also use weights to weigh down your inflatables so they don’t float away if your party is outside.



When it comes to inflatables, there is also a need to be aware of any safety precautions. Particularly for children, inhaling helium can be fun and prompt much laughter and enjoyment. Having said this, there are many side effects and health concerns associated with this act, so if it’s your party, it’s best to keep a close eye on some of the young ones.



One of the best things about custom printed helium balloons is how flexible and adaptable they are. Any image of your choosing can be printed onto the latex surface: simple. This means they can be manipulated and suited for any type of part or function. Wedding, engagement party, Easter party, Christmas party or someone’s 18th birthday! The image could be as simple as someone’s age or name, or something a little more detailed, like an image, photo or logo.


Aesthetic appeal

pink helium balloons


Custom printed helium balloons bring a heightened sense of aestheticism to your event. They add a nice visual spectacle and can be arranged in a wide variety of ways to reinforce this appeal. They could be stationed at entryways to help create a fun mood when people arrive or they could be placed on tables as a form of decoration. You could even create beautiful archways as a way of ‘welcoming’ your guests to the party, making sure that your party gets started the right way.

There are a wide range of colours and styles that can be suited to whatever function you are hosting. Indeed, it’s quite easy to pick out a colour that suits your style of party. For example; for a wedding, you might want to go with simple order of white custom printed helium balloons, whereas a young child’s birthday party probably requires something a little more exotic, like different colours, shapes and sizes.


Build brand awareness

Custom printed helium balloons are not just applicable for birthday parties and social events. In fact, they can be a useful marketing tool if you own or manage a business and are trying to enhance your brand’s public awareness. If you are hosting a public event to foster publicity, having custom printed helium balloons can enhance your business’ reputation and perception amongst the public. This is because most people would associate success with this level of promotional merchandising.


Higher quality

Ordering your custom printed helium balloons from a reputable provider will improve the credibility of your party or function. From a business perspective, high quality paraphernalia will underpin your business’ professionalism and give your brand a sense of authority and control. It will also increase the likelihood of the customer recalling your brand at a later time, since you have created so many brand touch points.


Create a casual and fun environment

Using some professionally designed inflatables can also help in creating a casual and relaxed atmosphere. Particularly corporate events, the atmosphere can be dull and boring. Most people want to be at home relaxing and the idea that they are being forced into a party can only worsen the mood. Instead, order some custom printed helium balloons as a way of reducing the level of tension in the room. Help your guests feel more at ease and relaxed, as this will lead to a better party and atmosphere.

Corporate gatherings can be a great way to build your network so you want to foster as much engagement as possible. Helping your guests feel more at ease will help reduce their apparent shyness and allow you to capitalise on a positive environment.