Choosing A Helicopter For The Grand Canyon Las Vegas

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So you’ve made it to the city of sin and before you blow all your money at the casino you want to make sure you get the see one of the wonders of the world first. With so many helicopters for the Grand Canyon Las Vegas it can be hard to make a decision and choose the right tour for you.

To save you time that you could be using to gamble we have created a short but sweet guide to help you choose a helicopter Grand Canyon Las Vegas ride. So without a further ado sit back, relax and let’s fly straight into it!


Your budget

One factor that plays a big part in what tour you do is how much you are willing to spend on the experience. The price range differs greatly so if you have a figure in mind there will definitely be a tour that suits you. Are you after something a little more luxurious with padded leather seats or do you simply just want to see the wonder from the sky?

Once you have settled on a budget you can start crossing out tour companies and start looking for the ones that appeal to you. It is recommended that you start your search before you arrive to ensure that you get the company and time slot that you are after.


Where do you want to visit?

The wonder of the world is so massive in itself that there are several different rims that you can visit. Each has its own drawbacks and merits so it’s important that you read up on each to know what you want to get from the helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon Las Vegas. Additionally you can drive out to the site and get a helicopter for the Grand Canyon Las Vegas there but most people prefer to fly straight from the strip itself. Below we are going to go into more detail about each rim.

South rim

The south rim is the most popular section of the wonder and is considered what the crater is all about. If you have seen photos of the site it would most likely be from the South rim. This area is very accessible to get to only being 270 miles out of Vegas. Due to its popularity it is common for it to get very crowded which is why people are opting to get a helicopter for the Grand Canyon Las Vegas.

North rim

The northern rim is the part of the wonder that people get to, to escape the busy rustling crowds. This setting is peaceful, relaxing and truly serene. It has a higher elevation of approximately 1000 feet to its southern counterpart making it a little colder as well. The change in climate allows this area to foster a lot more wildlife here. It is common to run into a family of deer in this area. The north rim is 280 miles out from the strip.

West rim

The West rim is the most accessible from the strip due to its location. It is approximately 120 miles out from the city and is owned and operated by the Hualapi Native American Tribe. This area features a skywalk and a glass-bottom bridge.

East rim

The final rim is the most difficult to get to as it is 320 miles from the strip. Due to the distance many people opt for a helicopter for the Grand Canyon Las Vegas for this area. There are some incredible areas such as the Rainbow Bridge, Marble Canyon and Horseshoe Bend that you have to go and see for yourself.