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Online Yog Courses On Offer


There are a variety of online yoga teaching courses on offer at Yoga U Online to make sure prospective instructors get full-rounded educational experience to make them the best teachers they can be. At Yoga U Online, we offer online yoga courses covering back pain, shoulder joints, autism, chronic back pain as well as many other kinds of areas in the field. By the vast range of different classes at this school, you can expect that you will be an instructor that your students will loyally go to and recommend to friends and family. In this article, we will be looking deep into the kinds of online yoga courses you can expect in this discipline. 

Here is what your instructors will cover from joining online yoga teaching courses 

Back Pain 

There are millions of people around the world who struggle with back pain, with a lot of patients developing back disorders such as scoliosis. This class from our online yoga teaching courses helps to make sure you as an instructor are able to provide the best solution for those struggling with chronic back pain as safely and as smoothly as possible. The lesson is run by Robin Rothenberg, who, through her practice, has had years and years of experience in being able to help those with lower back problems through her class. In these online yoga teaching courses, Robin will concentrate on how to heal and ease back arthritis. You can get your back back to its optimal shape. 

Shoulder Joints 

The shoulders are important joints to help you carry your body with confidence. In these online yoga teaching courses, the teacher highlights the importance of stretching the shoulders in order for you to prevent the possibility of developing shoulder injuries that could happen due to improper care during a yoga session. This will help you spot the students in your class who have issues with their shoulders to ensure that your students will be able to go out in the world without any weight on their shoulders. In this class, the instructor will cover the anatomy and, furthermore, the best poses and movements to prevent the ability of your students from getting a shoulder injury. This is to ensure safe and effective practices are doing to giving you the best shoulders when doing the online yoga teaching courses.


Autism has become a common condition, with about a statistic of 1 in 40 children born with the illness. It is important that instructors know how to navigate and provide the best programs for kids with autism when they do a yoga class. In these online yoga teaching courses, you will be getting advice from Shawnee Thorton, who is highly experienced in instructing children with autism to ADHD. As children with autism have a different way of experiencing the world, it is important to be particular about how we teach the children who are neurodiverse. These online yoga teaching courses help to ensure that it provides the most beneficial impacts to autistic children.

Chronic back pain 

Chronic back pain is becoming increasingly common due to office life, with more people sitting at their desks most of the day. In these online yoga teaching courses, you will uncover the methods and strategies to help those with chronic back pain have their discomfort alleviated through the right stretches and poses. You will get to look at the anatomy of the back to further develop your understanding of how to treat the pain effectively.

There is a vast selection of online yoga teaching courses on offer to make sure you get a well-rounded education. We cover many different topics in the field, such as looking at alleviating the pain in particular body areas, classes specific for neurodiverse students, as well as a variety of common practices in the field. You can be confident that you will be the best instructor to encourage your students to live out the boho life.