Questions To Ask Your Sydney Demolition Contractors

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Finding a great rubbish removal Sydney company or a demolition contractor is all about asking the right questions. We’ve pulled together a list below of the most important questions to ask, find out more below.


Do they have the correct insurances in place?

Knocking down old structures is high risk. There is a lot that could go wrong. That is why it is absolutely essential that your chosen Sydney demolition contractor has comprehensive insurance in place to cover both their business and you should anything go wrong.

Their insurance liability policy should cover areas such as damage to property, accidental damage, workers compensation and personal injury. The standard for cover is $1 million or more in damages.

Ask your chosen provider to provide documented evidence of their insurance cover as it is very important that they have this in place in the event of compensation claims, general damages or punitive charges.


What is their experience like with similar projects?

Ask your Sydney demolitions contractors about their experience and knowledge of similar projects. Safely removing old structures can be very complex work, especially when dangerous materials are involved, so having an experienced professional on the job is important.

Experienced professionals will know how to quickly and safely finish the job and will save you time and money.

Having a knowledgeable business doing your work can help with heading off any big issues that arise. Experience workers can also provide you with advice and guidance on how to reduce your costs or best get your job done.


Can they conduct an asbestos assessment?

A thorough asbestos inspection is important for public health and safety and to prevent you being in breach of any laws. Before undertaking any work your Sydney demolition contractors should confirm if there is an asbestos present on the worksite.

Asbestos must be handled with care and safely removed from the site, so different costs and methods are involved if it is present.

Asbestos is common in many older building sites, so if you have an older residence or building that you are knocking down it is especially important for a thorough assessment to be conducted to confirm that there is no asbestos present.


What local permits need to be submitted for approval?

Most Sydney demolition contractors will be able to tell you exactly what permits needs to be submitted before work commences and they will be able to work you through the process. Many will be able to do it for you, saving you a lot of time and effort.

Failure to comply properly with local permit requirements can lead to legal action being taken against you so it’s very important to find a responsible company that will follow local guidelines closely.


Where will the waste materials be sent?

It is important to ensure that your Sydney demolition contractor responsibly removes building materials and will not illegally dump waste. Illegal dumping can carry hefty fines and even criminal charges.

Illegal dumping can have  a very bad impact on the environment and value of neighbourhood’s so it’s not something that you or your business want to be associated with.

Building waste also contributes massively to land fill each year, so finding a work provider that recycles or responsibly removes waste is important for conserving the environment.


Can you provide references?

Great word of mouth and glowing recommendations are the best way to know if a business is reputable. Ask your Sydney demolition contractor to provide references so that you can get an accurate picture of whether or not they are trustworthy and whether you can expect great customer service.