The basics of buying a gas hot water cylinder

The basics of buying a gas hot water cylinder

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House maintenance can be one of the most boring and monotonous aspects of daily life. When things around the house break or malfunction, often times we take it upon ourselves to do the work and not consult external advice or services. Replacing a gas hot water cylinder is a decision that requires a lot of thought and consideration, particularly in terms of price, quality and the relative advantages and disadvantages of making a selection. As a result, there are several key aspects you must consider when making such a purchase.


Most modern homes feature a stainless steel gas hot water cylinder. Stainless steel has quickly become the most widely used option because of its benefits of enhancing water and shower pressure, along with reducing the time it takes to heat water.

Likewise, using a gas hot water cylinder is an environmentally friendly option, since the water is warmed cleanly and fewer emissions are produced in the process. Likewise, given the fact that the cost of electricity is rising, it is no wonder why a gas hot water cylinder is the perfect option. It is cheaper than its electric counterpart and the financial savings can be significant in the long run.  Additionally, many water heater designs ensure that the heater itself takes up very minimal space, meaning it is not an unsightly attraction around your home.


Furthermore, there is also the question as to how large your gas hot water cylinder should be. Size is generally based on a multitude of factors, including; the size of your home, whether your home is single or multistoried and how the amount of water outlets (taps, showers etc.). Families with multiple children will likely desire a home with several showers, so as to allow for multiple people to be showering at the same time. With an electric system, maintaining several hot showers concurrently can be incredibly difficult. Often times, the shower pressure will dwindle because the system cannot keep heating at such a rapid rate.

A gas hot water cylinder comes in various sizes including; 135L, 180L, 250L and a 300L. This comprehensive selection reinforces the benefits of using such a system over electric powering, augmenting its functional advantages.


At this stage, you may have already made your choice, or even your purchase. You may already know that you want a gas hot water cylinder system for your home; however, perhaps you are somewhat skeptical about how you go about installing the product. Thankfully, there is always professional advice and service available to ensure that your water heater is installed properly and effectively. Indeed, it is always beneficial to have an expert with you who is equipped with the necessary expertise and knowledge of the various safety measures needed in the installation process. This will guarantee that neither your home nor your wallet is ever put at risk.

Likewise, you can receive free consultations from a professional contractor, who will provide you with the best help in choosing and installing your water heater. On top of this, having your water heater professionally installed will reduce the likelihood of you experiencing mechanical issues in the long term, while guaranteeing that your house, property and privacy is respected and maintained.

Finally, as your contractor may inform you, using one of these water heaters will open you up to a variety of new taps and fittings that can be installed around your home to brighten its aesthetic appeal. On a side note, if your water heater is operated by a pilot light as opposed to an electric ignition, you’ll still be able to have a hot shower even during a blackout!