Modern kitchen with kitchen splashbacks made from Sydney

Types Of Kitchen Splashbacks In Sydney To Consider

Home Improvement

One of the quickest and easiest renovations that you can do is to invest in new kitchen splashbacks in Sydney. This is a great way to refresh or upgrade space and allows you to express your own personality and style in your home. There are a lot of suppliers and designers of kitchen splashbacks in Sydney so it can be hard to figure out what’s right for your home – there are so many different styles, textures, materials and colours to choose from it can be simply overwhelming. Tile has long been a popular choice, but because of the new kitchen splashbacks in Sydney emerging on the market, the options for customising your home really are endless. So how do you choose? The option you pick will depend on a balance of your personal tastes and preferences, your budget and the design of your home. Check out the list below for a few ideas that you might want to consider.


Stone kitchen splashbacks in Sydney homes have become a popular option. For a number of years now timeless, classic options like Caesar stone have been a favourite for homeowners. Not only do stone designs fit in seamlessly with stone benchtops, they are also durable and easy to keep clean. They will hold up well to the demands of any kitchen and are available in a range of luxury finishes and options, such as marble. It’s worth keeping in mind that this can be a pricier option, depending on the stone you choose. Some luxury types of marble can be incredibly expensive whilst other options can be very affordable.


Mirrored kitchen splashbacks in Sydney can be an excellent solution for making a space feel bigger – this can be a great solution for all those tiny inner city apartments out there. It’s possible to cleverly use mirror materials to reflect plants and artwork so you can see all your wonderful home décor when you’re cooking.


Tiles are one of the most popular choices for your average kitchen splashbacks in Sydney. There is truly an endless number of options out there, tiles come in just about every colour shape and style you could imagine, there is something to suit every budget. If you want to truly individualise your home with a material that will easily withstand the demands of your cooking area, then tiles are the way to go. They are easy to keep clean and will hold up well to heat, water and food splatters.


If you like the industrial look then brick can be a great choice in your home. This is great for achieving and trendy, unique look and works perfectly in city homes and character spaces. Depending on your home this could be a very cost effective solution – or a similar look can be easily achieved with a brick wallpaper.


There are a lot of fun and creative wallpaper designs out there and this can be a very affordable way to update the look of your kitchen splashbacks in Sydney. The sky is the limit here, you can go for anything from fun prints to city skyline prints – just remember you’ll need to protect your wall paper with a glass sheet because heat, grease and water can stain your lovely wallpaper.

Stainless steel

If you like an edgy, industrial look then consider stainless steel. It’s a very pared-back, durable options that will be easy to keep clean and maintain. It’s a popular choice in commercial restaurants for a reason!