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Vaping: What is it, and How is it Different from Smoking?


Vaping has been the buzzword around for a while now. If you are wondering what it is and what makes people switch to it from smoking, think you are at the right place to get answers to all your queries.


Before we discuss vaping and explain how it differs from smoking, let’s first understand what it means. The dictionary meaning of the word vaping is the act of inhaling nicotine in the form of vapours instead of smoke, especially using an electronic cigarette. That is to say, the puffs that are drawn or the drags done in the vaping process are not of smoke but vapours. And since vapours are the underlying phenomenon, this is where vaping got its name from.


What is an electronic cigarette?

The device used for vaping is known as an e-cigarette Australia, wherein e stands for electronic. It is a primary device whose function is to heat e-liquid, to a certain temperature at which liquid turns into vapours. The user inhales vapours, similar to how smokers inhale smoke while smoking. The one striking feature about the electronic cigarette is that the availability and strength of nicotine in e-liquid is the personal choice of the vaper. So, if a user wants to go nicotine-free or control the content of nicotine as per his or her desire, it can be easily done.

How e-cig works?

Before this question can be answered, let’s first find out what the components of a vaporiser, the vapour device, are. There are three main parts of the device – a battery, an atomizer/clearomizer tank and a mouthpiece. Electronic cigarettes feature a power button to turn them on. Before the power button is pressed, e-liquid is poured into the clearomizer tank, let it sit and soaked by the wick. Turning e-cig on will begin the heating process right away, turning the e-liquid into vapours. The users take their initial puffs slowly to find an ideal combination of flavour, voltage and wattage to work out a pleasurable vaping experience.


How are e-cigarettes different from conventional cigs?

Cigarettes are thin cylindrical-shaped finely cut tobacco rolled up in the paper for smoking. It is often thought that e-cigs are nothing but a high-tech version of a traditional tobacco product. But nothing could be further from the truth. E-cigs came into the picture to replace cigs. Yes, both share the same purpose, i.e., to provide the nicotine fix, but do it in a completely different way. The traditional ones burn tobacco leaves to deliver nicotine with whopping numbers of harmful chemicals. Whereas the vaping products are free from tobacco and don’t function on the same principle of burning. In fact, these products come filled with e-liquids which may or may not contain nicotine. Since there’s no combustion involved, there’s no smoke produced in vaping. It is important to know that e-cigarettes are not healthy and you can’t quit smoking with them!


Is e-cigs a healthier substitute?

There is no conclusive data to assert the advantages of e-cigarettes over traditional ones. But so far, many studies show that vaping products can act as an alternative to conventional cigs. However, there are not healthier than normal cigarettes. Many consumers switch between smoking and vaping when it suits them. Because the experience is entirely different, it’s difficult to carry out a comparison between the two.


Vaping is starkly different from smoking. Better or not, it is still to be concluded.