What Does A Level 5 Arborist Do?

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Most people have no idea what a tree surgeon actually does. They usually just assume that it refers to someone who is qualified in cutting down trees or removing vegetation, however, this is a common misconception. What you need to know is that the role of a Level 5 arborist is actually very important when it comes to cutting down trees or changing the natural habitat on your property. So, if you’re in the process of having a tree cut down, altered or removed from your property, there is a good chance you’ll need a report from a Level 5 arborist to ensure it occurs legally. But firstly, let’s break down what a tree doctor actually does.


Their role

So, the role of a tree surgeon is to uphold the maintenance of trees, foliage and vegetation. Their job includes collating reports that provide recommendations on how to best manage or remove trees should they need to be removed. It is important to note that a Level 5 arborist is not directly involved in removing a tree – their job is to provide important information during the assessment phase of this process.


Tree reports

If you are looking into having a tree removed from your property, there is a good chance that you have to provide a report to your local council, particularly if you live in the Sydney region. Even if you want to have a tree pruned or have branches removed, you’ll probably need a report from a Level 5 arborist.

Furthermore, you might request a tree report because you want to assess the relative safety of trees on your property. Within the report, your tree doctor will have to take into consideration whether the species of tree is endangered or rare, which will impact their recommendations as to how to maintain the sapling.


Root investigations


A qualified Level 5 arborist can also assist with root investigations. The root systems of large trees can inhibit the development of infrastructure or existing properties. Complex root networks can make it difficult to properly construct driveways, roads or house foundations.

Essentially, your local tree surgeon can map out where the roots are in relation to your property and determine the best course of action. If you’re looking at further infrastructure on your property, you’ll definitely need a root investigation on your property before proceeding.


Safety audits

You might also be required to perform a safety audit of the trees on your property. You might have a young family or just be concerned about the relative safety of the vegetation on your premises. If you want a high-quality safety audit, you’ll definitely need the services of a Level 5 arborist. They are highly experienced in assessing the dangers and threats posed by the foliage on your property. They will ensure that it is safe to work or live in that area, minimizing the potential of dangerous collapses occurring. Your Level 5 arborist will be using industry approved tools like QTRA and TRAQ techniques when performing an audit.


Expert witness

Sometimes matters regarding the removal of trees can be really complex. Indeed, tree disputes are not necessarily straightforward and the court cases can be rather long and tiresome. Furthermore, you might need the expertise of a Level 5 arborist to comment on the relative safety of a tree in your court matter. The cases could range from simply removing a tree from a report to more complex matters, like the collapse of a tree and the subsequent injuries (if any). Hence, convening with a tree surgeon could be really important in succeeding in your legal matter.