Why Brochure Printing Cuts Through With Your Target Demographic

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Despite a turning tide in the marketing landscape that sees printed materials supposedly ushered out for online technologies, there are some formats that continue to hold more value in the marketplace.

In 2018 there is still reluctance in some quarters to rely solely on digital screens when a handheld printed copy is seen as a greater asset to connect with on a personal level.

Printing services fits this description, but its evolution into a modern form of communication has made it a worthwhile marketing tool for commercial entities.

Here we will outline how this material cuts through to target demographics.


Pocket Sized Handouts

The flexibility and mobility of brochure printing makes this cost effective exercise a brilliant way of getting a foothold into the market. Whether your business is new on the scene or has established a presence over the course of a number of years, the brochure is ideal for giving clients information on the go. This paper material can be easily folded into a pocket, can be held on the front door of the fridge with a magnet, can be presented on a desk or given away outside events. That portability to issue copies without it becoming a burden makes it a neat marketing option.


Perfect Outlet For Trade Shows and Events

Networking is a practice that helps to maintain relationships, establish new ones and source opportunities that could otherwise not be gleaned. Here is where trade shows and industry specific events come into play, a setting where brochure printing really comes into its own. Whether your business has set up a marquee or is simply working the room to meet and greet others in the field, the brochure can speak volumes about your assets and forward momentum without placing the pressure on your own knowledge.


Pack In Plenty of Information

Whether you embrace the 3 or 4-fold popular options offered by brochure printing outlets, there is more than enough space to make an elevator pitch and expand on many of the selling points that makes your brand unique. Some brochures venture close to 1000 words, but the idea here is to utilize the space wisely. There is no comparison in this respect when comparing to generic business cards.


Mix Images and Colour to Plain Text

There are advantages inclusive with brochure printing that makes it standout from general business cards or articles to promote the cause of the brand. Here there is scope to really expand your content courtesy of graphs, pie charts, photo galleries, stats, pricing lists and anything else that you would like to broadcast. The standard 3-fold brochure still has plenty of room to play with, but a 4-fold copy allows for additional panels to tangibly expand upon your company messaging.




Issues Brand Authority

There is a subconscious effect that occurs when a business decides that brochure printing is part and parcel of their operating model. Any independent contractor can whip up a business card or set up a smart letterhead that ticks all of the practical and aesthetic boxes, but a brochure outlines to the consumer market that your organisation is striving to give genuine detail and context. So often customers are sent to a generic FAQ page or requested to send an email before a delayed response arrives. By giving more detail in the immediate sense on paper, there is a respect gleaned from clients who see your enterprise as a body that wants to issue value.



There is a degree of intimacy with printed materials that is almost impossible to replicate with digital mediums. Brochure printing cuts through to your demographic because it is the best of both worlds, being easily portable to hand out on the go, is packed with information and graphics and allows for a stronger connection between the enterprise and the consumer.