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Consultation Talking Points With 3PL Warehouse Experts


Third party logistics (3PL) enterprises are brought onboard for distributors and developers who need to make their business more efficient from top to bottom.

Although organisations should be up to speed on their core processes, there are thousands of examples where cases of oversight and general error lead to continued losses, adding to financial waste, lost time and material loss.

3PL warehouse experts are available for consultations before an agreement is put in place, giving businesses a chance to talk about a project in a private setting.

We will explore the key talking points that should be explored during these appointments.

Experience They Have in The Field

There is no doubt that 3PL warehouse experts like to market themselves as a one-stop-shop solution for local enterprises in manufacturing, development and distribution. However, organisations need to have confidence that these outsourced enterprises have the experience in the field to handle the task at hand. Having that expertise requires operators to work within strict parameters, adapting to new environments, working with various stakeholders and achieving tangible outcomes. Like any professional field, this requires experience to master.

What Types of Programs Are Implemented

The real advantage of working with 3PL warehouse experts is that they bring aboard a range of skills and processes that intervene with the regular operation. This will span inventory management, reporting activities, manufacturing, software implementation, product tracking, courier partnerships and any other components that are involved within the supply chain. Some actions will be easier to implement than others depending on the infrastructure, but this is where the blueprint is put in place.

How Much Their Services Cost

Companies will only decide to reach a commercial agreement with 3PL warehouse experts if they happen to draft financial terms that are suited to their budget. Of course, there will be a range of long-term savings as their intervention ensures a leaner, more efficient business operation. Yet to reach that juncture, they need to offer a package that is affordable.

Areas of The Supply Chain That Need Improving

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Identifying weaknesses and areas of improvement are where 3PL warehouse experts really do need to study the profile of their client. Private consultations are ideal for walking through these elements. From the distribution centres to the vendors, transport companies, producers, product development team and warehouse officials on the floor, they need to have a general assessment on what has gone wrong and where there is potential for growth.

How Current Employees Will Fit Within The Program

It is very rare for 3PL warehouse experts to work in total isolation. They will have a footprint within the organisation and it depends on the client as to the involvement of their staff members onboard. This is where they can take onboard key skills and processes, passing on intellectual property and adapting their work methods. By scheduling this involvement and identifying official roles and responsibilities, no one will be left in any doubt about how they will work and where their duties start and finish.

How They Assess Their Own Performance

It is important for the client to talk with a 3PL warehouse firm about how they determine their own performance during these projects. Of course, the enterprise will have their own expectations, but they should be aligned with 3PL warehouse experts to ensure that all parties are on the same page. If they happen to evaluate and reflect on their own role within this framework, that will give confidence to the warehouse that they are striving for these collective objectives. A full and complete report at the conclusion of the project should also be on the table in these instances.