A Guide on Hiring Sydney Family Lawyers

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The legal market in Australia is piling up with more and more solicitors. For someone who is in need of legal representation, this could be a really good thing. Why? It means that there are more Sydney family lawyers available for you to choose from. With more competition between firms, there’s even a chance you could tap in to some cheaper legal fees. Indeed, this could be really beneficial if you’re battling through a messy divorce and just want to move on with your life as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, a lot of divorce settlements get drawn out, as couples fight over the splitting of assets and custody arrangements. As a result, when looking through the Sydney family lawyers available, it is important that you hire the right person who can get you the best outcome. Let’s consider what you should be looking for?


Look for expertise

When looking through the available Sydney family lawyers, you want someone with the relevant expertise and understanding of the legal framework. Indeed, with so many recent changes to the legal framework, like changes to the definition of marriage, it is pivotal that you have a solicitor who is well read and up to date with any recent amendments. Choosing a solicitor with a good level of expertise and experience in the field will only benefit your case. This is because they have seen a wide array of different cases and will have a better understanding as to how to approach your divorce settlement.

Furthermore, hiring a solicitor with strong technical knowledge can help better the outcome of your settlement. There is a good chance they will know any legal loopholes that could improve your situation and leave you in a more enviable position.


Appreciate court room experience

Being in a court room can be a genuinely frightening experience. The last thing you need is to walk into the court room without any representation. Representing yourself is not a good idea, particularly if you’ve never completed a legal studies course. This could be even worse if you hate public speaking. Thankfully, if you seek counsel from Sydney family lawyers, you’re guaranteed access to someone who is well-accustomed to the court room and can speak on your behalf. You don’t have to be anxious or nervous about speaking in Court, since your solicitor will be your representative. Moreover, they will help you understand how to address all the members of the court in a respectful manner.



Value honesty

When you require legal representation, you need a solicitor that is going to be honest with you. Of all the Sydney family lawyers, you need the one that is going to be truthful with you about how to go about your case. You don’t want to be told lies to boost your hopes. What you need is someone who is unbiased. Matters dealing with family law can be quite emotional, and as an individual who is personally invested, you need someone in your corner who can be impartial. You also need to be realistic and if your solicitor is reminding you of this, then this is a good start. Their job is to get you through this process and get the best outcome for you. Nothing more.

Furthermore, a lot of people get sentimental over their assets and protective of their children. As a parent, you probably want majority custody of your children. In most situations, however, a more equitable arrangement is a better solution for the children. As you reflect on past memories, it can be hard to split all assets in a fair manner. This is why you need Sydney family lawyers who are impartial, unbiased and motivated by your interests only.


Quick results

You don’t want a long, messy divorce. For the sake of your children, you want the process to be over as quickly as possible. Seeking advice from Sydney family lawyers can be really helpful if you’re looking for a quick divorce that is as painless as possible. Acquiring the services of Sydney family lawyers will help move your settlement along quickly. You may never even have to enter the court room, which is a big plus for those that have a strong fear of public speaking.


Look for red flags

A lot of solicitors are just going to tell you what you want to hear. Remember that your divorce is business to them, so always tread carefully. If the Sydney family lawyers that you have hired are continually making outrageous promises or revealing confidential information from some of their other cases, you should consider looking elsewhere. All Sydney family lawyers need to be respectful of their clients and divulging sensitive information is highly unethical. Someone who is constantly distracted by phone calls is being unprofessional and not giving you the time and effort you need for your settlement.