The Benefits of Embrava Busylight

The Benefits of Embrava Busylight


Did you know that 28% of an information worker’s day is wasted on distractions? This translates to 2.1 hours of valuable productivity time per person per day that’s lost. That

10.5 hours per week, and 504 hours per worker per year.


In open plan offices where every minute of work counts and time-efficient collaborations are most important, there has been growing need for ways to reduce unnecessary interruptions.


This where contemporary technologies like Embrava Busylight come in handy!


Here’s how these can help in your workplace…


Status lights


The most important feature of Embrava Busylight is the humble status light. This can be in the form of headset lights, stand-alone light sticks, and in-app alerts.


Why is this such a big deal?


The open office is becoming the set-up of choice for many information work environments as it is conducive of collaboration. Should you want clarification about something, or need a hand with a query, or an issue that’s come up, it makes it all the easier to simply ask a colleague.


However, this is only most efficient if unproductive interruptions are kept to a minimum.   For example, if one worker were to disengage from their work, to go and ask something of a particular colleague, only to find they are busy on a phone call, we could be looking at 5 minutes of productivity completely lost.


This is a huge way in which Embrava Busylight status lights can help. These display the availability of each worker, with red to signify they’re busy – for instance, on a phone call – and green to show you your colleague is free for a quick chat. This makes it all the easier to not waste time.


2. Link to various applications


In addition to headset lights and light sticks, Embrava Busylight can be integrated to a range of communication apps used in your workplace.


These include, but aren’t limited to…






Also hook it up to show alerts from in-house business applications. The status light becomes in sync with your status on all functions that you use in your work.


Connected to all apps and devices, Embrava Busylight can easily know and communicate when you’re free, and when you’re a little busy. Workers can make up for lost time if they were to go check in with an unavailable colleague, and can continue working on tasks in the meantime.



A handy little feature to add to this, and help make it easier to spot who’s free, is the Embrava Busylight nameplate. Another alternative to the headset lights and light sticks, workers can get the nameplate complete with status lights to place on their desk.


Alerts to incoming communications

Being hooked up to various applications and devices, Embrava Busylight is also able to flash or beep when calls or messages are being received. This means workers can stay focused, and not waste valuable productivity time on checking apps to see if they’ve been paged.

5. Effective desk utilization

Desk mounted status lights can be made to automatically detect desk ‘check-ins’ and ‘check-outs’. Many forget to manually log these when they get up or return to their desks, meaning inaccurate desk usage data, as well as colleagues finding an empty desk when trying to find a coworker.


Improve company’s bottom line

By minimizing interruptions, providing quick and easy collaboration, and through these, boosting overall productivity.


The less interruptions at work, the better! With Embrava Busylight technology, it’s made much easier for workers to efficiently collaborate while maximising their own productivity.