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What To Know Before You Get An Abortion In Sydney

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With the advancement of technology women are now able to abort their unwanted pregnancies with a very safe procedure. Deciding to go with the procedure is a big decision to make that people often don’t know all the details about before they jump right into it.

Consulting with a doctor or doing your own research beforehand are very important ensure that you know what you are going to experience and the potential side effects.  Before you get a medical abortion in Sydney here are some facts that you need to know.

The legality of the situation

New South Wales is the only state in Australia that classifies abortion as a criminal offence. However it is legal if a doctor finds an economic, social or medical reason as to why a pregnancy should be terminated. The clause is all about protecting a woman’s mental and physical health and if having a child will change that she may have a medical abortion in Sydney.

As it is the only state in Australia that deems it a criminal offence, it has sparked an outrage from many pro-life advocates that have been protesting out the front of these clinics. As of July 1st 2018 it is illegal to protest within 150 metres of a facility that offers pregnancy termination services.

The different kinds of abortion in Sydney

There are two main procedures that are used in modern medicine which are medication and in-clinic. Below we will go into a bit more detail about the two different types.

How do they work?

The medication procedure involves taking pills that causes your pregnancy to end in a way that acts like an early miscarriage. The in-clinic method is conducted by a doctor or nurse where they use instruments to remove the pregnancy from the uterus.

What is the success rate?

In-clinic procedures have a success rate of over 99 percent during all time periods of the pregnancy. For medication it works 98 percent of the time 8 weeks or less, between 8 to 9 weeks of 96 percent and 9 to 10 weeks with a success rate of 93 percent.

How long does each procedure take?

Medication based abortions in Sydney usually takes about 48 hours as you will take one pill at the clinic and a second one a day or two later. The in-clinic procedure takes about 10 minutes in total. With both procedures though you will have to go into the clinic for a consultation about whether abortion in Sydney is right for you along with some tests to ensure that you are physically able to undergo the procedure.

Is medical abortion in Sydney safe?

Both procedures are very safe and is in fact one of the most safest medical procedures in the world thanks to modern medicine and technology. In the US alone 25 percent of the female population would have terminated a pregnancy before they are 45.

The medical professionals that undertake these procedures are highly trained and keep up to date with current research and techniques to provide the best service for their patients. Serious problems after these procedures are rare but like any medical procedure can happen.

How will I feel afterwards?


There’s no right or wrong way to feel after an abortion in Sydney so every one may be different. You should plan on resting the day of your procedure but you can go back to work or school the following day if you are up for it.

Generally speaking most people feel completely normal after a day or two and it is also common for bleeding to last a week or even several weeks if you are taking the medication procedure.