Where to Start When Looking for Electrical Engineering Internships

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One of the most important things for students to do is to get real life experience before they finish their degree. This will make it much more likely that they are able to achieve a graduate position and that they will feel more confident when they do begin work. While most universities will encourage students to look for electrical engineering internships as a part of their degree, on their school holidays, or after their graduation, they may not give great detail about where to look for a company who is going to suit the student at hand.

For example, not all graduates want to work in exactly the same field. Some may want to work with cell phones, whereas others may want to work with robots. Similarly, some may wish to work with computers whereas others may want to work with navigation systems. Whatever the field may be that they want to get into, it is likely that there is a company out there which they are able to work for in order to gain valuable experience. While university is great, most people learn by doing things and so it is crucial that students know where to start when looking for electrical engineering internships.




Find electrical engineering internships by looking on job websites such as Seek

When most people think about job websites, they envision high paid positions where people will need years of experience in order to apply. This simply isn’t the case and most websites such as Seek will have options for work experience or volunteer positions. The great thing about this is that people are able to put a shortlist together of companies that they like to work for from the comfort of their own homes. Furthermore, they are able to learn more about the company that is offering the position and are able to find one that is based near them. It is usually a good idea to search on websites such as these because people are able to pick up on details that may rule them out as a candidate. For example, if an ad stated that someone had to travel for the role and the person who was wanting to apply was still studying, they may not be able to travel for the position. Furthermore, they may not own a car and so it would once again be hard for them to fulfill this need. As this is the case, they simply wouldn’t apply for the role and so wouldn’t be wasting anyone’s time. As it can be seen, it can be very handy to search for electrical engineering internships online.


Find electrical engineering internships by contacting companies directly

Many students make the mistake of thinking that places are only hiring when they advertise. This simply isn’t the case which is why it is such a wise move to contact businesses directly. Many will be impressed with the initiative shown and will be likely to find a position within their business. Others may have been wanting to hire someone for a long time, however, simply hadn’t found the time to get around to posting. Others don’t want to have to pay any associated fees that come along with advertising on job boards. As this is the case, it can be wise for people to make a list of companies that they think they will be a good fit for and to also make a list of ways that they think they will be able to help them. They can then contact them and ask if they are offering electrical engineering internships.