Do I Need A Portable Truck Tire Changer

Do I Need A Portable Truck Tire Changer?

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When we talk about a portable truck tire changer, we aren’t referring to the lug wrench you use to replace a flat wheel. We’re talking about a tool to peel out the rubber from the wheel itself. Sure, you may not usually have a reason to use such a device. But if you drive your truck a lot, maybe for a business, you will eventually run into this sort of thing.

Usually, when you need this kind of work done, you probably place a call to your mechanic. But sometimes, you might have to do it yourself. And without a portable truck tire changer, that wouldn’t be easy. The tool isn’t just for truck drivers that spend a lot of time on the road. Small auto shops that can’t afford to get the bigger models of products can also get one for themselves.

Here, we’ll explain what these tools are and help you decide whether you need them or not.

What Is A Portable Truck Tire Changer?

A portable truck tire changer is a device that removes the rubber off wheels for repair and replaces them with fresh ones. The equipment is hydraulically operated, and it flattens a wheel by combining compressed air with hydraulic fluid and removing it from the seal that links it to the wheel.

How Do I Use It?

Portable truck tire changer

First, you have to break the bead on the wheel. When the bead breaks, a tool from the portable truck tire changer is used to spin between the rubber and the wheel, allowing it to shed from the wheel. You can pull out the old tire at this stage, and the wheel is ready for a fresh rubber installation.

When replacing the wheel, use the device to press it onto the wheel’s outside lip while keeping it steady. The rubber deflates as it is placed on the wheel. It should be inflated and sealed to the wheel’s bead. The air pressure is controlled by a pressure gauge attached to the portable truck tire changer. Once you’re done with that, you’ve successfully changed your wheel.

Why Should I Get A Portable Truck Tire Changer?

  • They’re Easy To Use: It may take some getting used to, but the portable truck tire changer is relatively easy to use. Thanks to the assistance of the machine, you can get the wheel of your truck fixed with little stress from your end.
  • They Save Cost: Usually, when a wheel bursts, the first thing is to drive to an auto shop carefully. If you can’t do that, you could call a mobile repair service. However, those options both cost you money.

Sure, they may be cost-effective if you don’t run into these problems often, but nothing beats having your own.

  • They Also Save Time: Both alternatives require you to waste time. You’re either driving to the auto shop or waiting for the mobile service to get to you. But with your tool, you can quickly get the work done and be on your way.

Final Thoughts

A portable truck tire changer will cost anywhere from $120 to $400. Make your choice wisely, and enjoy the ease.